New SENTINEL Stakeholder Workshop Synthesis Report


In June 2022, the Technoeconomics of Energy Systems laboratory (TEESlab) and the Decision Support Systems Laboratory (DSS Lab), in collaboration with the Public Power Company (PPC), co-organised a stakeholder workshop entitled “Pathways to climate neutrality in Europe with a spotlight in Greece: Challenges, uncertainties, solutions”. The workshop took place within the context of the European Commission (EC)-funded H2020 funded projects SENTINEL and PARIS REINFORCE.

A dedicated synthesis report providing a summary about the stakeholder workshop has been produced by Nikos Kleanthis, Dr. Vassilis Stavrakas, Amanda Schibline, Andrzej Ceglarz, Diana Süsser, Serafeim Michas and Professor Dr. Alexandros Flamos and is now published at the Zenodo repository.

During the workshop, the SENTINEL researchers presented key modelling results for Europe and Greece and collected feedback on potential further model refinements and improvements required, the usefulness of the modelling insights and how to best disseminate them, as well as the identification of any further research questions that need to be answered by SENTINEL models.

Participants stated a variety of different critical issues and challenges related to the energy transition of the European and Greek energy systems. These insights also meant to further inform the research questions that had been identified in previous stakeholder engagement activities. Finally, discussions and inputs from stakeholders revealed meaningful viewpoints that could be incorporated in the further development of the SENTINEL modelling suite.

You can read the full report here!

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