SENTINEL final event: How can we decarbonise the European energy system?


The final online event of the SENTINEL, project which took place on the 23rd of November 2022, was a great success, gathering not only stakeholders participating in previous SENTINEL events but also newcomers. The aim of the event was to present and discuss key insights about the options for a transition to climate neutrality in the Europe as well as its multiple implications. More than 60 participants, mainly representing the research community joined our final event.

The workshop consisted of plenary participation, divided into two sessions: i. a presentation of the project, its stakeholder engagement process, and modelling results and ii. a panel debate with modellers. The objective of the 1st session was to present modelling results on low-carbon pathways for Europe to the participants to receive their feedback regarding their usefulness. During the 1st session, the following presentations were made:

The plenary sessions were followed by a one-hour panel debate, where modellers were asked questions from participants based on the presented modelling outcomes. Discussions focused on the usefulness of modelling results, the model integration and design, and the energy system modelling value and complementarity with other approaches. Participants and modellers, also, highlighted topic areas to be further researched in order to improve modelling insights.

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