PROSPECT+ Capacity Building Programme: Call for mentees’ applications is now open!


The PROSPECT+ project invites regional and local authorities, as well as the energy agencies that represent them, to apply as mentees in the 2nd learning cycle of the Capacity Building Programme.

The Capacity Building Programme (CBP) focuses on innovative financing for energy and climate actions and is delivered upon the following 5 thematic areas: 1. Public buildings, 2. Private buildings, 3. Public lighting, 4. Transport and 5. Cross-sectoral.

Applicants will be able to learn from experienced cities and energy agencies how to develop and implement innovative financing schemes for their sustainable energy and climate projects in order to support the energy transition in their region. Some examples of the innovative financing schemes covered in the CBP are Citizens Finance (crowdfunding and cooperatives), Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), Internal Contracting (intracting), etc.

Who is eligible to apply? Applicants should be involved in the financing and implementation of local sustainable energy and climate projects for which they are seeking the expertise of a mentor. They should be:

  • Staff members of regional or local authorities or their energy/climate agencies, in the eligible countries.
  • Staff members of other local or regional organisations (e.g., development agencies, municipal companies, energy cooperatives, etc.), in the eligible countries.
  • External consultants working for a local or regional public authority in the eligible countries.

👉 Apply now to become a PROSPECT+ mentee!

Deadline: 30th September 2022

The “Guidelines for applicants” includes more detailed information about the objectives of the Capacity Building Programme, the application process and the eligibility criteria.

You can, also, watch the online informative webinar to learn more about innovative financing instruments for public investments!

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