Do energy models become better suited or just more complex?


We are glad to inform you that our scientific article “Better suited or just more complex? On the fit between user needs and modeller-driven improvements of energy system models” has been published in the Elsevier’s “Energy” peer-reviewed journal.

Energy system models are advancing rapidly. However, it is not clear whether models are becoming better, in the sense that they address the questions that decision-makers need to be answered to make well-informed decisions.In particular we show that:

? Model improvements and user needs align to large extends but there are differences.

? There is a common need for a better representation of environmental impacts and higher transparency.

? Specifically, users seek ways to better represent social and behavioural factors in energy system models.

? A better understanding of user needs is imperative to improve energy system models.

? Co-creative modelling is one possibility to enhance common understanding and increase the impact of the modelling work.

You can find more about our article here.