The Lab

TEESlab stands for Technoeconomics of Energy Systems laboratory.

TEESlab operates within the Department of Industrial Management and Technology of the School of Maritime and Industrial Studies of the University of Piraeus (UNIPI), one of the oldest and most prestigious business schools in Greece.unipi_outer_high_view_scaled

TEESlab is a multidisciplinary scientific unit that carries out research on the following scientific areas:
• Technoeconomic analysis & evaluation of energy systems
• Energy market modelling & design of new innovative market mechanisms
• Management of energy resources
• Energy efficiency technologies
• Technologies for better utilization of Renewable Energy Sources
• Energy system analysis & planning
• Security and reliability of energy supply
• Energy system modelling, simulation and scenario development
• Distributed Energy Systems & Smart Grids
• Analysis and modelling of energy consumer and producer behaviour
• Development and application of consultation methods with energy market stakeholders
• Green Economy applications
• Energy and Climate Policy tools
• Design, Monitoring, Evaluation & Analysis of Energy and Climate Policy Impacts

TEESlab benefits from the backstopping support and administration services of the University of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC) – certified with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008, since December 2011.

An indicative selection of recent EU-funded projects can be found here