What’s new from IAM COMPACT?


The Horizon Europe IAM COMPACT project releases every month the latest updates and insights of its scientific achievements, such as policy documents, papers, participation in workshops and conferences etc.

In this article we focus on the highlights of the project’s activities during the last three months as presented in the IAM COMPACT newsletters and press releases!

IAM COMPACT has carried out a multi-model analysis in Q1 2023 and released its second policy publication in April 2023, entitled “Three Policy Responses to the Energy Crisis: The Co-benefits of Energy Efficiency”. This policy brief aims to provide insights into the trade-offs between the different approaches to replacing Russian gas and their implications for energy sustainability, affordability, and emissions for the bloc.

  • You can read the Press Release focusing on the 2nd policy brief here!

IAM COMPACT partners have, also, published a study entitled “A multimodel analysis of post-Glasgow climate targets and feasibility challenges” which showcases that, if fully implemented, the net-zero commitments could be enough to stabilise global warming to around 1.7-1.8°C within this century—which is in the vicinity of the “well below 2°C” Paris Agreement goal, even if 1.5°C would still remain out of reach.

  • You can read the Press Release dedicated to this flagship study here.

In addition, on June 5th IAM COMPACT participated in the World Environment Day, the largest global venue for environmental advocacy and action. In this context, IAM COMPACT presented the online session “Loss & Damage: it could be your turn next”, with a view to encourage transformative action and political momentum around the most pressing climate crisis issues. The recordings of the discussion, conducted with climate activists Omar Elmawi & Nakabuye Hilda F., are now available on IAM COMPACT’s YouTube channel.

Lastly, the IAM COMPACT team will participate at three modelling workshops that will take place in summer and will organise the capacity development workshop in Mombasa from the 29th of August to 1st of September 2023.

  • You can read the 3rd Newsletter here to learn more about these activities.

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