Welcome to INHERIT: Innovate sustainable cultural heritage!


The new INHERIT project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation’s programme, has officially kicked-off!

INHERIT is a three-year European project funded by Horizon Europe that aims to enable socially innovative and economic viable interventions at different urban levels covering all relevant aspects of the heritage-built environment’s life cycle: (1) Design and renovation; (2) Monitoring, operation and management; (3) Preservation and maintenance.

In particular, INHERIT will be demonstrated and validated in 8 real-life CH sites across 8 countries: Croatia, France, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. The geographical coverage of the selected heritage buildings aims to support the large-scale EU-wide replicability of the INHERIT solutions in different socio-economic, cultural, political contexts to maximise the impact of INHERIT across Europe.

Read the 1st Press Release to learn more about INHERIT and the kick-off meeting that took place in October 2023.

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Twitter: @INHERIT_eu

Stay tuned for the next steps of our new project!