Webinar: Supporting rural areas in the energy transition


The European Rural Pact organised a Good Practice Webinar on “Rural areas in the energy transition”, in cooperation with Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, that took place on the 24th of October. The aim of the webinar was to enable local stakeholders to learn from their peers about grass-root initiatives on energy transition that could be implemented at local level.

Akis Apostoliotis, from TEESlab, participated at the event and presented the RENOVERTY project, its main objectives and preliminary results from its activities so far. More specifically, ongoing activities of the project concern the study of the framework on energy poverty and energy efficiency policies in rural contexts. The study among other issues, investigates drivers of energy poverty and barriers to energy efficiency policy implementation in rural areas, through a review of more than 80 scientific and policy sources, and an EU-wide survey with more than 130 responses from relevant actors, stakeholders, and energy experts.

In particular, the study deals with the status of energy poverty in rural areas, the specific challenges they face, the analysis of the most prominent drivers of energy poverty in rural contexts, as well as the most prominent barriers to and solutions for their alleviation.

Interested to learn more? Stay tuned for the final report of the study that will be available by January 2024!

For more information about RENOVERTY visit the project’s website here!