The successful H2020 project Prospect is back as PROSPECT+!


The new project PROSPECT+ funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme continues to support European cities and regions in adopting energy efficiency measures, by building on the outcomes and existing knowledge of the previous successful project PROSPECT. PROSPECT enabled 149 local and regional authorities and 46 energy agencies and networks to learn how to finance and implement sustainable energy projects through a peer-to-peer (P2P) learning programme.

► Now, the focus is on developing a Capacity Building Programme (CBP) to facilitate regional and local authorities to implement effective and efficient sustainable energy plans, including their proper monitoring and verification. PROSPECT+ aims at enhancing cities’ decision-making processes and creating synergies by linking public authorities at the regional and local levels and their respective associations along with energy policymakers, associations of planners, technical experts, financing bodies on sustainable energy, and local actors in an intra-European network.

► The CBP is structured in five (5) thematic modules: 1. Public Buildings, 2. Private Buildings, 3. Transport, 4. Public lighting, and 5. Cross-sectoral.


The programme will focus on strengthening capacities to implement sustainable energy projects using innovative financing schemes. By innovative financing schemes, PROSPECT+ refers to non-traditional ways of raising funds and facilitating sustainable energy and climate investments, which may include Energy Performance Contracting (working with ESCOs), Public-Private Partnership (PPP) other than Energy Performance Contracting, Green Bonds, Revolving Funds, Social Funds, Citizen financing, Soft loans, and Third-party financing.

PROSPECT+ will implement four (4) capacity-building cycles aiming to engage with over 50 participating public authorities in each cycle, or 200 public authorities altogether. Mentees will be able to follow one of the three (3) learning methods available, based on the maturity of their projects.

These methods are:

Peer mentoring (1 mentor, 1 mentee).

Study visits (1 mentor, up to 5 mentees).

Local mentoring (1 mentor, 1 interpreter and up to 5 mentees).

The PROSPECT+ Consortium consists of 6 core partners from PROSPECT, one financing consultancy and 4 new agencies, which will act as mentors ensuring an admirable mix of networks of cities and regions and encouraging synergies among the most successful existing EU initiatives for cities. The project will run until February 2025.

The first Press Release is out and you can explore more about the aim of the project and mentors’ recruitment here.

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