RENOVERTY 3rd project meeting: Key messages and insights!


The LIFE Programme RENOVERTY project organised the third Consortium meeting on the 4th of April at Coimbra, Portugal. The aim of the meeting was to bring together all project partners and discuss the progress of our activities so far and the next steps in the development of energy efficiency renovation roadmaps.

During the meeting, Dimitris Papantonis and Akis Apostoliotis, research associates at the Technoeconomics of Energy Systems laboratory, provided insights about our contribution to the project. In particular, they focused on:

  • the recently published RENOVERTY report “Updating the energy poverty and energy efficiency framework in rural areas across the EU” that includes outcomes of an in-depth desk research on energy poverty and energy efficiency in rural contexts, coupled with the results of a European-wide stakeholder survey of more than 130 responses (conducted for the first time) on the subject.

  • the methodologies that will be followed and the ongoing progress regarding the application of the DREEM model to the project’s pilot areas towards the development of cost-effective optimal portfolios of energy efficiency measures for energy-poor households.

In addition, their presentations highlighted how RENOVERTY activities are mainstreamed in the EU policy dialogue, by creating a sister project cluster and organising thematic webinars, workshops and events to disseminate key outcomes.

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