POLIZERO Energy and Climate Policy Inventory: Insights from Switzerland and major European Countries


The Technoeconomics of Energy Systems laboratory (TEESlab) in collaboration with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), developed the Energy and Climate Policy Inventory, consisting of policy measures from Switzerland and major European countries and presented in tabular format.

The Energy and Climate Inventory is established in the context of POLIZERO project that aims at analysing a suite of existing decarbonisation policies for Switzerland based on successfully implemented examples in other European countries. Robust policy pathways will be generated based on integrated Swiss-European energy systems modelling, to describe potential future adaptive actions that handle stringent climate change mitigation policy targets in an agile way.

► The development of the Inventory was based on a review of current and upcoming policies, targeting both energy demand and supply, and decarbonisation targets performed for Switzerland and major European countries. The Inventory collected policies from open access databases such as IEA policy database, Climate Policy Database, RES Legal and consolidated information from relevant EU and Swiss projects, national energy and climate plans and strategies, and the transposition of EU directives to national laws.

More specifically, the regions covered are the following:

  • Central Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria)
  • Nordic region (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark)
  • British Isles (United Kingdom, Ireland)
  • Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece)

? An overview of the POLIZERO Energy and Climate Policy Inventory and more insights are provided via this link: https://polizero.ch/energy-and-climate-policy-inventory

? For more information about POLIZERO visit the project website