ENPOR thematic webinar: Methodologies and tools to quantify split incentives in the context of energy efficiency in buildings


The Horizon 2020 ENPOR Project organised, last week, a thematic webinar on “Methodologies and tools to quantify split incentives”. The aim of this online event was to showcase tools that help experts further understand and address the split incentive issue, which is one of the most significant barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the private rented sector (PRS).

By doing so, ENPOR seeks to support the uptake of energy efficiency investments in the PRS through quantifying each side’s benefits and distributing the costs fairly between them and, thus, contribute to the alleviation of energy poverty in the PRS.

During the webinar, three relevant tools/methodologies, from the ENPOR, MICAT and REFEREE projects, were presented.

Mr. Dimitris Papantonis (Technoeconomics of Energy Systems laboratory – TEESlab) presented the ENPOR Split Incentives Quantification Tool.

The main objective of the tool is to identify the share of triggered benefits from the implementation of energy efficiency interventions between landlords and tenants in order to quantify the appropriate allocation of the costs or subsidy rates for both sides, towards specific renovations scenarios in several geographical/national contexts.

Dimitris explained the overall objective and the methodological background of the tool. Moreover, a live navigation with instructions about the use of the tool, took place, while indicative applications in the ENPOR countries were showcased.

Find the full presentation here.

Moving on, Frederic Berger (Fraunhofer ISI), provided an overview of the MICATOOL, a tool developed within the framework of the MICAT project that helps users estimate the multiple impact of the energy efficiency policies and thus facilitates the design of such policies.

Lastly, Stefano Faberi, Isinnova presented the REFEREE Tool, a Policy Assessment Tool developed by the Horizon 2020 REFEREE project. The REFEREE Policy Assessment Tool quantifies the multiple benefits of energy efficiency measures at national and local level.

You can access and watch the recordings of the webinar here at your own time!

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