ENERGee Watch: European-wide replication events


The HORIZON 2020 ENERGee Watch project is organising a series of replication online courses dedicated on energy and climate data collection, monitoring, processing and its communication.

One replication webinar, on each week of May, for each module of the peer-to-peer ENERGee Watch learning programme will be organized and delivered – by leading European energy agencies, with the involvement of partnering energy agencies and regions from across the EU. The 4 free-of-charge online crash-courses offer a compressed version of the full ENERGeeWatch learning programme designed to empower participants to learn from their peers and then replicate their learning experience and apply best practices that have been taught, in their own municipality or region

The courses description is available here

Applicants who had previously participated in the learning programme can attend the replication activities to i) build their capacity by attending classes they were not able to previously join, ii) transfer the experience and knowledge they gained during the project to others, and iii) can advise other stakeholders on how to implement similar practices as those deployed during the project.

Full attendance and active participation in all four replication events will result in a Certificate of Completion. The webinar series is open to cities, regions, energy agencies and their experts or other organisations providing support to municipalities in their local sustainable energy planning.

ENERGee Watch replication events will kick off – on 9 May 2023, at 9 am CET, with the first webinar on Data collection.
The dates of our webinar series are given below:

  • Webinar n°1 – Data collection – 9-12 CET, 9 May 2023 (KSENNA)
  • Webinar n°2 – Data monitoring and validation – 9-12 CET, 15 May 2023 (CEA)
  • Webinar n°3 – Indicators for adaptation to climate change – 9-12 CET, 22 May 2023 (Ile de France Regional Energy and Climate Agency)
  • Webinar n°4 – Data display, dissemination, and validation by local authorities – 9-12 CET, 30 May 2023 (AURA EE)

For more information on the programme and the registration process visit the project’s website!