ENCLUDE 4th General Assembly in Brussels: What’s the progress so far?


The Horizon 2020 ENCLUDE project contributes to the energy transition through designing engagement processes between government, business, civil society organizations, and citizens for a decarbonised future for and by all.

The ENCLUDE partners gathered together during the 4th General Assembly that took place on the 22nd and the 23rd of June in Brussels, to discuss the progress of the activities implemented and plan the next steps for the final year of the project.

The latest findings and updates about the conceptualisation of energy citizenship and the identification of energy citizenship clusters for decarbonisation across different contexts based on the dataset and empirical evidence collected from the case studies were thoroughly analysed. Special attention was given to the next steps regarding “people-centric” and “future world” narratives for the decarbonisation of the energy system based on social innovations of energy citizenship. These narrative will lead to the development of scenarios, which are going to be simulated to quantify the decarbonisation potential of different energy citizenship typologies, using the ENCLUDE modelling ensemble.

In addition, ideas on how to further develop the ENCLUDE Interactive Policy Platform, which aims to provide stakeholders with useful insights regarding the conditions and the contexts within which energy citizenship can lead to high decarbonisation, were presented.

Lastly, the discussion focused on planning the partners’ vision about the future impact of the project and organising next steps regarding the final event that will take place in 2024.

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