Development of the Greek solar market towards decentralized renewable energy generation and storage


Assoc. Professor Dr. Alexandros Flamos, Director of TEESlab, participated in the Joint Event of the H2020 projects SETNav & TRANSrisk in Athens, presenting outcomes from the TRANSrisk case study in Greece. More particularly, Dr. Flamos highlighted the barriers to the decarbonisation of the Greek energy sector, such as Greece’s high dependency on fossil-fuels as well as its large coastline which makes it difficult to impement interconnections. However, Greece’s high potential in electrical renewable energy sources contributes to the decarbonisation of the energy mix. Thus, decentralised renewable energy generation and storage could tackle the barrier of interconnections.
Huge role in the former will be played by the notion of “prosumers” who will be the agents enabling the transition to decentralised RES production and storage.
Moreover, Dr. Flamos presented results regarding the further deployment of small-scale photovoltaics in Greece, as explored via the Agent-based Technology adOption Model (ATOM) which is part of the TEESlab Models (TEEM) suite.
Find the full presentation here.