PROSPECT Benchmark for Cities & Regions

Welcome to the PROSPECT online survey for cities and regions!

This survey is meant to explore your municipality's/city's capacity to finance and implement sustainable energy-related projects. This will help you both understand your current situation and measure future progress.

The survey consists of the following 3 main sections:

1. City Attractiveness: 11 questions.

2. Identifying and utilising financing options: 11 questions.

3. Implementation of sustainable energy projects financing: 5 questions.

You are kindly asked to rate your city’s capacities using the Likert-scales provided as well as to justify for your answers through a short justification/description in the appropriate fields. Please note that background information regarding your municipality (e.g. the municipality’s GDP, annual city revenues and expenditure) will be required to complete the survey. You are thus encouraged to take the time to go through your municipal documents before completing the survey. The survey takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

You need to answer all questions included. While completing the survey you will be able to save your answers and resume later.

Please note that you are required to complete the survey (by answering all questions included) before you start with the PROSPECT Learning Programme.  In case you require further clarifications or are facing some other problem, you can get in touch with us directly at Katerina Papapostolou (papapostolou@unipi.grso that we can swiftly resolve it.